“Women’s March”: Thousands against Trump and Barrett

“Women’s March”: Thousands against Trump and Barrett

Thousands have demonstrated against President Trump and Constitutional Judge Barrett in several US cities. Meanwhile, Trump continued the campaign – attacks on Democrats.

Thousands took part in protests against US President Donald Trump and for women’s rights in the US. In Washington, participants in the “Women’s March” went downtown to the steps of the Supreme Court. In other cities, too, women met mainly to oppose the possible re-election of Trump and his Supreme Court candidate Amy Coney Barrett.

“They are afraid”

Many protesters said they were upset because Trump’s Republicans were ready to elect Barrett as America’s best judge before the November 3 presidential election. Six months before the 2016 election, Republicans declined to nominate a candidate for the Supreme Court, arguing that his successor should determine who he should be.

“The fact is that we are strong and that we are afraid,” said Sonja Spoo, one of the organizers of the protest march. Republicans will soon be eliminated, she said with regard to the presidential election. The protests were inspired by the first “Women’s March” after Trump’s inauguration in 2017, when more than three million people took part. This time, however, significantly fewer people came because of the corona pandemic.

Republicans want quick meetings

According to Trump and Republicans, Barrett is to replace the late Liberal Constitutional Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg. With him, conservative Supreme Court judges would usually have six to three votes, perhaps for decades. In the US, the Supreme Court plays an important role in political disputes.

Barrett, who avoided specific statements about presidential powers, abortion, climate change and health care presented by Obama during the hearing, must be approved by the Senate. Unlike the House of Representatives, Republicans have a majority here. With a swift confirmation from a lawyer, Republicans can avoid stopping Barrett after a possible change of government after the presidential election.

Trump raises his mood against Whitmer again

Meanwhile, Trump, who was on the defensive, lifted his spirits against Governor Gretchen Whitmer during the election campaign in the US state of Michigan. “You must get your governor to open up your state,” Trump shouted at his supporters, alluding to Corona’s detention. Subsequently, his followers chanted, “Lock them!” Trumps said, “Lock them all.” With the slogan “Lock them!” Trump’s supporters considered his challenger Hillary Clinton in the election campaign four years ago.

Last week, an investigation by the federal FBI and the Department of Justice in Michigan led to the arrest of more than a dozen suspects who allegedly planned, among other things, Whitmer’s abduction and an attack on parliament in Lansing. “I think they said she was threatened,” Trump said. “And she blamed me!”

Whitmer accused Trump of inciting anger during the corona pandemic. In the spring, Trump protested protests against Whitmer’s measures against the spread of coronavirus and wrote “Free Michigan!” Whitmer spoke to Trump’s remarks on Saturday. “This is exactly the rhetoric that threatens the lives of me, my family and other government officials. It has to stop, “she wrote on Twitter.

A tour of the campaign by the invaded states

Trump accused his Democratic rival Joe Biden of not being able to handle the pandemic. “Biden will close the country, delay vaccination and prolong the pandemic,” Trump said. Trump himself faces massive criticism of how he handled the pandemic, which also affected his popularity. Nationwide, Biden has a clear edge over opinion polls over Trump.

In a statement, Biden said all Trump had to offer the people of Michigan was more lies and red herring, but no plan to fight the virus. Biden, who has only been campaigning in recent weeks due to a pandemic, remained in his home state of Delaware on Saturday.

Less than three weeks before the election, despite the ongoing pandemic, Trump is performing in particularly competitive states. Michigan is currently experiencing a dramatic increase in new coronary infections. According to the local health ministry, more than 2,000 were detected on Friday – more than ever before the pandemic began.

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