Why does Angelina Oll suspect a divorce?

Why does Angelina Oll suspect a divorce?

When philanthropist Angelina O’Leary and her team tried to remove Judge John von Uderkirk from the rest of their divorce proceedings, actor Brad Pitt and his team denied their testimony. According to the documents: PeoplePete claims that ol ol was Oedirkirk was aware of his connection in advance. In fact, he was the judge who married the couple in 2014. The news only confirms Pete’s assertion that his ex-wife is just trying to delay.

“Ol Olli filed a motion to disqualify Judge Uderkirk, while delaying the examination of other certificates of deposit certificates,” Pete said in a statement. “Unfortunately, the people who have been most offended by the ol ol ‘transparent tactical move are the party’s own children, who continue to be denied the final solution to these guardianship issues. Oli’s applications should be rejected there. “

Pete added that ol oli’s “Hello Mary” has no value because he “never objects to it.” [Ouderkirk’s] previous involvement in this process. «

But before Jolie’s lawyer Samantha Blini was telling DeJean People According to him, Pete’s “attempt to obstruct or influence Judge Uderkirk’s response” was “painful”, and he believes everyone is at the center of the delay. “Your lawyers also worked with him,” the source said People“The only excuse for introducing them is that their team knew it was likely they would lose, that a change of referee made them stand still in the fourth quarter.”

As in many such cases, his arguments can only lead to speculation by outsiders. We just hope your kids win in the end.


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