Why did Ashley Tisdale not like kissing ac efron?

Why did Ashley Tisdale not like kissing ac efron?

Although the kiss of Ashley Tisdale ակ ac Ak Efron may have amazed some young Disney fans, for them it was actually quite strange. Tisdale went so far as to call it “the worst kiss on the screen” in the video. Elle In December 2019 – պատճառով not because he does not like Efron, but for the opposite reason.

Tisdale said Efron was like a brother to him. “It ‘s just weird when you’re so close to someone, we’ve already done that [High School Musical]”He revealed, adding that years ago he knew her before shooting the film. Another thing that made the scene uncomfortable was the different attitudes the two were used to at the time.

Efron previously worked with The CW while Tisdale was a Disney girl. “He tried to kiss me with his tongue. I said, ‘Get away from me.’ “I closed my mouth so fast,” Tisdale laughed. “I thought, ‘This is Disney Channel, we don’t kiss like that on Disney Channel.'” If that’s her worst kiss on screen, at least now she can laugh about it.


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