The question of 125,000 euros was over: candidate Niklas Bayer-Eynck abandoned the special gamer “Who wants to be a millionaire” and had to settle for a profit of 1,000 euros – until now. RTL offers Dortmund to try again. The reason is close to an admission of guilt.


The candidate “Who wants to become a millionaire” plants – RTL brings him back

On Monday, in the last edition of the gamer special of “Wer wird Millionär” (WWM), RTL obtained a favorable price: two candidates obtained enviable gains – before crashing. One of them, Niklas Bayer-Eynck, 31, is offered another try. The reason: in retrospect, inconsistencies were found on the crucial issue.

For 125,000 euros, Bayer-Eynck was invited to answer the following question: “Who is the groom in the popular popular song ‘Die Vogelhochzeit’?” With the help of a wild card, the contestant chose the blackbird from the possible answers – and then had to take his place facing the quiz master, Günther Jauch, leave.

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New chance of 2 million euros at WWM

RTL explains in a Messagewhy Niklas Bayer-Eynck gets a second chance: In addition to the 1842 version to which the question referred, there is a version at least 200 years older under the title “Der Stigelitz”. The blackbird and the “bride and groom” lily of the valley assume the other role. So, does RTL have something to blame? Should you have done more research or should the question have been phrased more precisely?

Either way, it was good news for the candidate: “I still can’t believe I can play with Günther Jauch again from the start.” Niklas Bayer-Eynck is due to return on February 5. It remains to be seen if he will have similar success on the second attempt. Because with more chances of winning in the special gamer – a maximum of 2 million euros – the height of the fall increases, as Bayer-Eynck has experienced firsthand. The announcement of RTL’s jungle candidates this year and the dispute between the broadcaster and a former DSDS juror have recently received negative publicity.