Where does J. Balvin live and how big is his house?

Where does J. Balvin live and how big is his house?

J Balvin is a global superstar, but when it comes to rooting? Home is home. As he said Rolling stone 2017: “I respect those who manage and leave their home base, but I’m good in Colombia.” He has a home in Medellin and another in Llanogrand.

As for the mood behind the room, Architectural Digest I looked inside in June 2020 and found that Balvin is known for his “color set”[s] and rainbow-colored hair with a leopard print “when he’s on stage or in video” on the home front, Balvin gives up dizzying games and prismatic splendor in favor of minimalist, cool, and Japanese-influenced decorative restraint. Far from what he actually says to fans as part of his public role, his houses are “object-oriented lessons in the poetics of simplicity.”

Medellin’s 5 office office, Sólidos, took on the task of creating the aesthetics that Balvin was looking for in his top residences. “Architecture, music, fashion – these are all forms of expression.” As for the places where I live, I definitely go less-is-more, “he said DISPLAY. “The house should be a place where you can relax.” I tried to create places that nourished my soul, not my ego. “It could be said that it would make the Llanogrande star’s incredible home.

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