Weisband in daily topics: Ensuring that Jewish diversity is tangible online


Status: 27.01.2021 22:09

How can Jewish life in Germany be made visible? The Jewish green politician Weisband relies primarily on the Internet and the commitment of young people. Thanks to that, diversity is tangible, she said in daily topics.

Green politician Marina Weisband bets that Jewish life in Germany can be made visible through modern means of communication. He believes that the Internet, and especially the involvement of young people, could make negotiations with Jews a matter of course, Weisband said on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz daily topics.

The Internet provides an opportunity to raise the voice and show the diversity of Jewish life in Germany. This clearly shows that “not all Jewish women in Germany have fair skin, that not all have the same attitudes,” said Weisband, who grew up as a child of a Jewish family. “The less monolithic we encounter, the less we are present only in memorials, the more diverse we are perceived and the more normal we simply become.”

Marina Weisband, publicist, on the problems of everyday Jewish life in Germany

Daily Topics 22:15, 27 January 2021

Public meetings fail due to security concerns

The fact that Jewish life in Germany is still not sufficiently visible at present is mainly due to security risks. “We can’t hold any meetings or conferences in public because the police always come and say there are security concerns,” Weisband said. “Part of our invisibility is simply a security protocol. And I think it’s a shame. ”

At the same time, she pointed to a challenge that needs to be considered in the future about Holocaust victims without current witnesses. “The complicated thing is that we cannot allow the memory to dry up into a ritual that no longer matters.” The question is how the stories of the victims can be preserved. For example, the monuments tried to make history more pleasant for their visitors, says Weisband.

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