Weather in Germany: long warm wave and tropical nights in Germany

Weather in Germany: long warm wave and tropical nights in Germany

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Prolonged heat wave and tropical nights in Germany

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“It will be an extraordinary burden”: the German weather service expects the heat to last until mid-August. In some regions it can reach 30 degrees for more than a week. Even six days over 35 degrees.

NAfter the changeable weather of recent weeks, the German weather service (DWD) expects a longer heat for the next few days, which may well be a historic event in some parts of Germany. “According to our forecasts, the Rhineland mark will exceed 30 degrees on Wednesday – and this will probably continue until August 13,” said Andreas Friedrich, a spokesman for the German press agency.

At least in the Rhine region there may be nine hot days at 30 degrees or more in a row – without cooling yet. It is even possible that the thermometer will rise to 35 degrees for six days in a row.

The Rhine-Main region is forecast to be hot. In Frankfurt, meteorologists expect six consecutive tropical in a row from Saturday to next Friday, in which temperatures will not fall below 20 degrees. “It will be an extraordinary burden,” a DWD spokesman warned. It is possible that in many places the heat will progress.

The unusually long heat wave is also characterized by drought – with massive consequences for nature. “Extreme drought in mid-Germany threatens to worsen, the risk of forest fires continues to increase.” Apart from a few heat thunderstorms, no precipitation is expected.

The flood is going down

After constant rains over the last few days in southern and eastern Bavaria the situation has slowly eased again. “The flood is now flowing down,” a hydrologist with the Bavarian Flood Service (HND) said Wednesday morning. In Passau, the level of the Danube is now slowly declining. On Tuesday night and night, he reportedly remained below eight meters and was therefore at the third warning level. The day before, it was expected that the highest level of warnings could be reached in Passau.

According to a police spokesman, the streets in the Rosenheim area are slowly becoming dry again. Highway 8 is free again in many places, only in Bad Aibling and Bernau on Wednesday morning as a result of flooding one of the three lanes was closed. According to the German Meteorological Service, no further precipitation is expected on Wednesday. While the water level in the upper reaches of the rivers is likely to fall, the level downstream continues to rise temporarily, reports HND.

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