Watch HBO Max in Germany with VPN: Here’s how

Watch HBO Max in Germany with VPN: Here’s how

The new HBO Max streaming platform offers a variety of engaging content, but will only be available in the US for the foreseeable future. With a VPN service, you can still view HBO Max in Germany. In the following article, we’ll show you how it works and which VPN providers are recommended for this purpose.

AT HBO max is a streaming provider of the WarnerMedia company, which with series like “The Sopranos” or “The Wire” laid the foundation for modern series formats which have been extremely popular for years. However, HBO Max will also not be available in Germany in 2021, as there is a contract with Sky for much of the content. Therefore, viewers in this country unfortunately cannot enjoy the highlights of movies like “Matrix 4”, “Space Jam 2” or the Sopranos movie “The Many Saints of Newark” via stream, which will also be shown on HBO. Max at the same time as going to the cinema.

But there is a way out Germany to access HBO Max. In the following we describe how you can do this.


Stream HBO Max in Germany via VPN: bypass geo-blocking

Access to HBO Max from Germany is prevented by geo-blocking technology. This means that the IP address is used to recognize that the user is located in Germany and that the offer is blocked accordingly. This geoblocking can however be avoided by tricking the provider into believing that you are using a US IP address. This in turn works with a VPN service capable of changing your IP address accordingly. Recommended and cheap VPN providers that give you access to HBO Max are, for example, the following:

However, in addition to using a VPN service, there are a few other settings you need to make to be able to enjoy HBO Max as a German viewer:

See HBO Max in Germany: other steps required

One way to register with the provider is to use a US credit card. Almost no one in Germany will have this, but there is another option with using a US Apple ID.

You can create it on Mac or Windows with iTunes, but access has to be through a US IP address, which means you have to use a VPN service for this as well. You will also need an iPhone or iPad to be able to complete a later step.

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During the registration process, you must make sure to set the region to “United States”. You now need a US address and phone number. Since your entries are not verified, you can simply use Google Maps to use the required data from a business such as a fast food restaurant or a hotel. When paying, choose the option “None”, as no German payment service provider is accepted.

You now have a US Apple ID, but still need a way to pay at HBO Max. The subscription costs $ 14.99 per month, or about 12 euros. There is a 7 day trial period, but you still need some credit to your Apple account to activate it. You can top it up with a US iTunes credit card that you can buy MMOGA gets. Then enter the code sent by email under “Redeem Code” in the App Store or iTunes.

You now download the HBO Max app for iPhone or iPad from the US App Store and install it on a device. After starting, you register by following the corresponding instructions. Remember to choose in the last step that you want to pay by credit from your Apple account. An iOS device is only required for registration, after which you can HBO max can also be used on PC or Mac, as long as the VPN client is enabled. If the connection does not work, simply delete the cookies from your browser and come back to the site.

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