TIKTOK Best Comedy Couple is a Man with a Duck

TIKTOK Best Comedy Couple is a Man with a Duck

TikTok creators are beating the YouTube stars in views and there is no doubt that one day TikTok will be the largest funny video sharing app. TikTok famous couple a man with his noisy duck are one of the best creators on this platform. A pet-focused channel is getting more views than an average YouTuber with one million subscribers.

In a video, Jerry the duck flaps his beak in bed to say good morning. Then suddenly she jumped on the breakfast table to eat food with his owner. The owner Brendan Balaskovitz does her bedtime preprations. In another video Jerry rides a shotgun and quack loudly in response to Balaskovitz crooning.

On the famous TikTok page @brendanxa, has many videos that showcased Jerry quacks, waddles, and her bad bathroom habits with Balaskovitz in the background yelling. In some videos the owner yells at Jerry for heavily boozing or paddling around in the pool. But Jerry doesn’t care about anything.

Jerry is a careless duck with no boundaries. She does what she likes and nobody can bother her. Even the loud owner cannot interrupt jerry, when she is doing something crazy.


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