After Windows 10, Windows 10X: What the Lite version of the Microsoft operating system will look like on a conventional PC or laptop was previously unknown. Now the first revealing image has surfaced that shows the future of Windows.

Windows 10X: the image shows the new operating system

After a long wait, Windows 10X is taking more and more shapes. Now a first screenshot is on Twitter arose, the Microsoft new operating system on a normal PC or laptop with a single screen. Windows 10X was originally intended for use primarily on foldable devices.

In the image, you can see a centered taskbar, which is probably a little bigger than in Windows 10. The reason is probably the touch operation. In addition to a Windows icon, icons for Microsoft Edge and Outlook can also be found here.

Here’s what Windows 10X looks like:

The look of Widows 10X is very reminiscent of Google’s Chrome OS. Picture: Zak Bowden.

The open start menu is also already visible. Various apps and shortcuts can be found here. For example, Microsoft Teams, Spotify, and Skype are included. These are not only Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, but also progressive web apps (PWA). The Microsoft Store is prominent in the middle. Overall, the design is very reminiscent of Google’s Chrome OS.

More information on Windows 10X can be found here in the video:

Windows 10X: the release is imminent

Microsoft has not yet fully completed development, but the first devices are expected to be equipped with Windows 10X in the spring of 2021. Windows 10X has only been tested internally so far.

The new operating system will initially only be available to businesses and educational institutions. As a result, private users still have to be patient. These should only be delivered with a second version, scheduled for 2022.