This is how the first test drive of the special electric car went.

This is how the first test drive of the special electric car went.

Sony wants to attack not only with televisions and game consoles, but also with its own electric car. The Vision-S has now completed its first official test drive in Austria. Sony relies on a whole range of special sensors for its electric car – and on industry-leading support.

Sony Vision-S: electric car on the road

Almost exactly a year after the first launch, there is news about Sony’s electric car. The Japanese automaker has publicly tested its electric car on a marked route and in the region around Graz in Austria. Contrary to what had been said in early 2020, Sony no longer only installed 33 sensors in its Vison-S, but is now talking about 40. The objective of the test phase was now to take a closer look at these new sensors.

Sony has big plans with its first electric car. It is expected to reach a top speed of 240 kilometers per hour. To do this, Sony relies on two motors, each with a power of 200 kW. In total, the electric car has a power of 400 kW, which corresponds to 536 hp. The car can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds.

Since cars are still uncharted territory for Sony, it has teamed up with many other well-known and lesser-known companies. This includes Continental and Bosch, which have their expertise in the areas of tires and engines, but also computer giants such as Qualcomm and Nvidia, which actually deal with processors and graphics cards.

There are impressions of the test drive with the Sony Vision-S here in the video:

Sony Vision-S: many question marks remain

While there is now information on the design and inner workings of Sony’s electric car, the group continues to keep a low profile in other areas. Sony doesn’t want to reveal the battery capacity, for example. It is also not known when and at what price the Japanese manufacturer will launch its Vision-S on the market.

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