This is how much Antonio Banderas really costs

This is how much Antonio Banderas really costs

Spanish actor Antonio Banderas is worth an impressive $ 45 million Wealth of celebrities. That rational part of the change is probably due in part to his blockbuster hits. Family movies like 2001 Spy Kids – where Banderas embodied a secret agent father who raised more than $ 147 million worldwide and produced two sequels for one person. Mojo box office. In addition, the star uttered the soft-spoken shark in shoes (perhaps a hint of the actors or why?) In the animation. Shrek 2: and beyond. The film alone grossed a whopping $ 928 million worldwide, with several sequels.

According to: Fox News:Banderas experienced some financial ups and downs after splitting from longtime partner Melanie Griffith, which lasted nearly two decades. Per: TMZ: (About: Daily mail) Griffith bought the house of the former couple Aspen (which later sold for about $ 4 million, according to data) observer), Picasso’s picture 65 $ 65,000 a month in marriage support – not so embarrassing In addition, the split had financial benefits for Banderas. The former flames were selling their Los Angeles mansion for about $ 16 million Variety

These days, the actor is meeting with model և Investment Adviser Nicole Kimpel առ lying on his estate in England. Needless to say, Banderas is a leader whose assets need to be demonstrated.


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