Apple’s product development is done behind closed doors, so prototypes should not fall into the wrong hands. But once again, an exception proves the rule, as taught by a secret iPhone that has just been released.

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IPhone 12 Pro Prototype Uncovered: Apple’s Secret Test Pattern

In fact, this prototype iPhone should no longer exist. Normally, they remain locked up at Apple or left the house for “destruction”, or better said for recycling. And it is precisely with these electronic waste disposal systems that collector Giulio Zompetti usually finds what he is looking for. In the past, he’s proudly showcased secret prototypes from Apple on Twitter, like an Apple Watch or iPod, and currently he’s showing us an early test model of an iPhone 12 Pro.

From the outside this more or less matches the finished model of an iPhone 12 Pro, but as usual with the prototypes, the names and engravings on the case are missing and the color variant “Pacific Blue” looks a bit darker. At this point, Apple was experimenting with the final color design or it was because of the image capture.

Special operating system reveals prototype

Even more exciting is the “SwitchBoard” operating system used, a special test version of iOS 14.1. SwitchBoard could already be discovered on various Apple prototypes. In short: the model shown is actually an official Apple test device, but it shouldn’t exist in the wild.

And this is what the finished iPhone 12 Pro looks like:

Good to know: Apple should be happy with the continued success of the iPhone 12 to date. As we recently reported, Models secured around 76% of all iPhones sold during the launch period. So far, the iPhone 12 mini has not been well received; only 6% of iPhone buyers wanted it at this point.