The unspeakable truth of Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend

The unspeakable truth of Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend

After Kaepernick’s flagship movement #TakeAKnee, the quarterback became a free agent, but was unable to find a job. He considered it purely personal and filed an official complaint accusing the owners of the NFL of working together to force him to leave the league. According to Ray Lewis, however, he could not find a job because of Diab.

Lewis, who played for the Baltimore Ravens, said In the NFL (about The Guardian) That Kaepernick almost got a job in 2017, but a tweet sent by Diab destroyed that chance. “We wanted to sign the agreement to sign it,” he said. “(Raven’s owner) Steve Bisciotti said,” I want to hear Colin Kaepernick speak to let me know that he wants to play football. “And that never happened because this image appears the next day.”

It Image in question was published by Diab in August 2017 and featured a photo of Lewis and Biscotti on a photo from the film by Samuel L. Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio Django Unchained. In the film, Jackson plays a slave while DiCaprio plays its owner. “(Diab) makes a racist gesture and doesn’t know we’re in the back office trying to sign this guy,” said Lewis. “Steve Bisciotti said it himself:” How can you crucify Ray Lewis if it is Ray Lewis who calls Colin Kaepernick? “”

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