The real reason is that Tyler Perry is not married

The real reason is that Tyler Perry is not married

When Gelilla Beckley told her boyfriend Tyler Perry that they were expecting their first child, the activist was overjoyed to keep the news quiet. “I get a FaceTime call, she’s holding a pregnancy wand,” she said PeopleEditor-in-Chief of Essay 2017 “I think it will happen.” Perry confessed that her life now revolves around Aman, who was born on November 30, 2014. People,

“It’s all day Paw Patrol:– Perry said from the socket.Paw Patrol:, He loves Paw Patrol:, He wants to watch Paw Patrol:He has never seen TV before, but he does watch it on his iPad. We have to take it, then go out, do normal things, and then it will end there Paw Patrol:“And while people kept asking why he և Bekele never married, Perry noticed.”[t]There is no other person here on this planet [he] I would like to be with a child or have a baby because he is amazing. «

Perry repeated the feeling during the episode of TI’s “fast” podcast. “I have someone who is wonderful, he gets his share of it all,” he said. He explained to Perry why he kept his family out of the spotlight. “Even my son being in front of the society… him [Bekele] և I’m really good at just making sure he’s 5 years old տարեկան protected պաշտպան understand who he is until people say who he is. “What a sweet sweet family.

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