The PS5 is on again – online stores cancel pre-orders

The PS5 is on again – online stores cancel pre-orders

After the turbulent PlayStation 5 pre-orders, many gamers should have been thrilled to have got their hands on one of the coveted consoles. Now, some shoppers are reporting sudden cancellations at various online stores.

Hundreds of canceled PS5 pre-orders

Apparently there is now embarrassment for some of the PS5 pre-commanders. Noisy Game economy have different Online stores, including Conrad Electronics, Cyberport and Otto accepted Pre-orders now canceled and reimburse down payments to buyers accordingly.

The reason is Pre-orders stopped too late and as a result, more PS5 consoles have been sold than is actually available. Boring for the pre-orders involved. Affected buyers were not notified by email in all stores, but the Status in customer account revealed the accident with “Canceled or no longer available.”

When alternatives available if the Nintendo Switch and the PS4 had been proposed, small consolation for the long-awaited pre-order of the next console. If you pre-ordered the PlayStation 5 at one of the online stores in question, make sure it doesn’t apply to you.

Conrad talks about delivery issues

Conrad commented on the PS5 cancellations in an application and talks about Difficulties in delivery due to huge demand the player. The aforementioned pre-orders were mainly due to technical difficulties. A communication error between the ordering system and the online store is the exact cause. This made it possible to accept orders, although Sony was unable to deliver the consoles within the timeframe promised.

Not only is online commerce affected by these cancellations, but also local stores were observed. GamesWirtschaft would like to check further whether these are just individual cases or whether these issues exist nationwide. If you’re still looking for consoles available, we recommend our handy article on pre-ordering the PS5.

In the case of pre-ordering the PS5, such technical difficulties are more than annoying, but there are a number of examples where error pages on the internet can be a lot of fun:

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Error 404: humor found! The 20 most beautiful error pages on the net

The pre-order chaos for the PlayStation 5 still seems to continue. Canceled purchases are more than inconvenient for those affected. But another round of pre-orders should take place soon, according to Sony, maybe they will have better luck with this attempt.

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