The power struggle under the CDU presidency: a round of applications without concrete plans

The power struggle under the CDU presidency: a round of applications without concrete plans

The Junge Union invited to Berlin and three candidates for CDU chairman answered questions. Laschet, Merz and Röttgen differed in style – in terms of content, the contrasts remained rather small.

Sabine Henkel, ARD capital studio

The first word belongs to Armin Laschet. He uses it to widely expand his unique sales offer among candidates. His strategy: say what you do – rule, lead and train in North Rhine-Westphalia: “I’ll do it!” Laschet is already doing it, while others still want it. He emphasizes it again and again.

However, Friedrich Merz and Norbert Röttgen are not impressed. Anyone who wants to lead a CDU will not be easily intimidated. Especially not about the prime minister, whose strength is said not to be. Here, too, Laschet slips easily

Merz speaks as if he were already Chancellor, Röttgen demands courage

Merz and Röttgen are more focused, talk about it. “I am behind the ecological renewal of the social market economy,” said Friedrich Merz. “We can only solve the main environmental challenges of our time with the latest technologies – and not without them.”

This is how someone who has already become the head of the CDU and whose competence is economic policy speaks confidently and confidently. He speaks as if he is already in office, not only as the head of the CDU, but also as chancellor. “We will no longer pass resolutions, no more laws that shift the burdens of today into the future and are then imposed on the younger generation.”

Merz, big – looks at his competitors from almost two meters from above. Röttgen does not question this, he is militant, he almost passionately presents his idea of ​​the CDU of the future. “Then we have to become more feminine, then we have to grow old, become more digital. We need to become more interesting. We have to have politics again, we have to fight again, “is his challenge. “It works, it takes courage.”

Laschet relies on Spahn

Despite the Junge Union survey, there are no differences in content. All three want digitization, intergenerational equality, effective climate policy – they have concrete plans that they keep to themselves.

Overall, Laschet wants to continue as Merkel, sees the party in a political center, Röttgen also wants to stay in this center, but still become more modern – Merz does not talk about the course of political direction, believes that it is not doing very well and will certainly be able to do better. It is already clear that he is more conservative than the other two.

The Junge Union experiences some shooting from Merz, the fighting Röttgen, and almost lags behind Laschet, who pulls a trump card at the very end: “I want to fight Jens Spahn, who is part of the team, because I understand that the party can only be conducted as a team . “The second and probably more important unique point of sale is its second Spahn – if it stays in the second row.

Mark James

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