The joke about how Sacha Baron Cohen joked about Mike Pence

The joke about how Sacha Baron Cohen joked about Mike Pence

how Borat Star և creator Sacha Baron Cohen told in detail Los Angeles Times The satirist and satirist managed to enter CPAC 2020 with a secret scheme – touching Hollywood magic.

“I got ready to wake up at 1am, drive to the motel and sit in a chair for six hours before the prosthetic team changed my face to Donald Trump,” Cohen recalled in an interview. Indeed, Cohen as-Borat bore an unusual resemblance to POTUS in the veins of an irregular valley. After the final touches, the actor entered the Gaylord National Recreation Center և Conference Center abc news:where this year’s CPAC was held. He hid in the men’s bathroom indefinitely for “several hours” before breaking into the hotel center area, interrupting Vice President Mike Pence’s speech (կողմից quickly escorted by Secret Service) Wrap)

Cohen also told how he spent his time waiting for them Los Angeles Times“I had a Coca-Cola phone. “And I put small lines on Cox’s bottle to see how much I could drink for an hour,” he said before joking. “During that time, I became more familiar with the inner workings of the right person than anyone else. I know their diet. You need more fiber. It was a bit lively there. «


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