The inexplicable truth of Bill Gates’ wife

The inexplicable truth of Bill Gates’ wife


Melinda Gates knows firsthand what it is like to be a strong, motivated woman in the workplace. When she started her philanthropic work, one of her main tasks was to support and promote gender equality around the world. Did she put her money where her mouth is? You bet. In 2019, Gates pledged $ 1 billion for gender equality, for which she detailed in an article time. “Gender equality cannot wait, and nobody who is able to act should do so,” she wrote.

In a podcast discussion for the Harvard Business ReviewGates explained why the cause is so important to her. “And when I started to look at these issues more systematically, it became clear to me that we had to look at the gender piece and make investments there, otherwise we wouldn’t get very far in most of our work.” It’s inspiring to see that this CEO is paving a better way for women and asking everyone to do their part to improve the world. In her words: “When we stand together, you create changes.”

Mark James

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