The Dig, the remnants of the day

CRITICAL – A poignant film starring Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes about the discovery of the Sutton Hoo treasure in England in 1939. Watch on Netflix.

Day breaks over the English countryside. Ralph Fiennes knocks on the door of an imposing residence in saddlebags, jacket and tweed hat. The humble worker is greeted by a butler. The latter asks her to wait a few moments for the hostess Carey Mulligan. The elegant lady shows him her property. “”Another British costume film“Are we tempted to call out at the first few pictures The ditch.

Big mistake: Simon Stone’s film, which was released directly on Neflix for lack of cinemas, is neither a school biography nor a cute romance. The drama records the discovery of the most fantastic treasure of the XX. After in England at the beginning of the Second Ware Century, by Sutton Hoo. It turns out to be a tender and bittersweet melancholy over time, the inevitability of our death.

Under the clouds

Rich widow and mother of a whimsical toddler, Edith Pretty, hires an amateur archaeologist, Basil Brown, to dig on her land. Despite all adversities, the duo discovered a funeral boat and gold objects from the time of the Saxons. The excitement for this discovery was tempered by a summer of 1939 when the clouds began to gather. The war that will turn the strong men who dig this earth into cannon fodder is drawing near. Like a disease.

Tried and tested by life, Edith, calmly and already elsewhere, communicates in silence with the pragmatic basil. They marvel at the builders of this grave and urge a young generation camped by Johnny Flynn and Lily James to no longer hide behind the comforts of a world that is on the verge of standstill and to give free rein to their thirst for life. After replacing Nicole Kidman just before filming, Carey Mulligan, whom we’ll talk a lot about with the feminist narrative Promising young womansurprises with his determination and vulnerability.

Constance Jamet

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