Stefan Ernst: The main defendant admits a fatal shot in Lubka

Stefan Ernst: The main defendant admits a fatal shot in Lubka

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The main accused confessed to Lyubka’s death shot

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Stefan Ernst admits a fatal shot to Walter Lubka

In the trial for the murder of CDU politician Walter Lubke, the main suspect, Stefan Ernst, appeared in court. He fired a fatal shot. WELT reporter Jens Reupert is on the site and describes how the accused introduced himself.

“I’m fired”: In the trial for the assassination of Prime Minister Cassel Walter Lubke, the main suspect, Stefan Ernst, was a crime in court. “What we did was wrong,” Ernst said.

I.In the case of the assassination of Prime Minister Cassel Walter Lubke (CDU), the main accused, Stefan Ernst, confessed to the politician’s death. “I shot,” Ernst said Wednesday before the Supreme Regional Court in Frankfurt am Main. Ernst showed remorse for the act. “What H. and I did to them will always remain unforgivable,” he told the Lubke family, including his suspicious accomplice Marcus H.

“What we did was wrong,” Ernst added. “No one should die because he has a different opinion.” He was guided by “wrong thoughts” and took responsibility for it. He called the act “cowardly and cruel.”

A total of three days of talks scheduled the issue of seriousness and issues. The reception was postponed due to the dismissal of Ernst defender Frank Hanig.

Ernst withdrew the first confession

Ernst had already confessed to the crime shortly after his arrest, but later rescinded his confession and charged his suspected accomplice, Marcus H.

Ernst is said to have shot the CDU politician in 2019 for right-wing extremist motives. From June, the German had to answer to the Senate of the State Security of the Supreme Regional Court of Frankfurt. The second defendant, Marcus H., is charged with aiding and abetting. The process takes place under high security measures. Due to the crown pandemic, the number of visitors and observers of the process was also limited.

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The trial of Stefan Ernst

What Ernst described after his arrest was contradictory. He first confessed to the police in detail. In it, he reported that he had repeatedly traveled on his own to the Lubka estate, which he saw as a joint responsibility for the reception of refugees in the Kassel region and for Islamist attacks. In June 2019, he shot Lubka in front of the politician’s house.

Ernst declined this recognition. Instead, he told how he drove with H. to Lubka’s house. They just wanted to intimidate and threaten politics. The shot was accidentally fired while H. was holding a gun. Both of Ernst’s confessions were shown on video during the trial.

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What is happening to the police

Ernst’s former lawyer, Frank Hanig, who announced his client’s testimony this Wednesday, has now filed a dismissal complaint. The French government of Frankfurt sent them to the Federal Court (BGH). Ernst’s other public lawyer, Cologne’s lawyer Mustafa Kaplan, justified the dismissal by saying that his client’s relationship of trust with the lawyer had been completely broken.

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