Snow and frost: hundreds of people get stuck in traffic overnight

Status: 02/09/2021 7:59

Stuck in the cold in a car: This problem occurred on several sections of the highway in Germany at night. The traffic jam on the A2 motorway near Bielefeld was especially long. There are still problems with the railways.

Heavy snowfall caused chaos on many motorways in Germany on Tuesday night. On the A2 motorway near Bielefeld, many people had to spend the whole night in their cars in the cold. Meanwhile, stagnant water up to 37 kilometers long had formed there, stretching to Lower Saxony.

“The overall situation is difficult, we are rotating,” a Bielefeld police spokesman said early in the morning. The highway was closed in both directions after trucks got stuck on Monday afternoon due to snow.

Because many trucks got stuck here near Dortmund.

Hundreds of violations of driving bans

According to the police, the situation near Dortmund, where the A2 was also closed, was a little less dramatic. Dozens of lorries got stuck on the road in the direction of Oberhausen on Monday afternoon, although trucks weighing more than 7.5 tonnes were in fact banned from driving until 22:00. “Police have registered 340 violations of the ban there,” the spokeswoman said. Emergency provided hot drinks and blankets for all who remained lying down.

The situation was difficult on other highways as well. On the A10 motorway near the Spreeau in Brandenburg, two trucks stood across the slippery lane at night and could not drive forwards or backwards, according to a police spokeswoman. Meanwhile, the traffic jam on the A4 motorway in eastern Hesse cleared up at night – according to police, drivers stayed in their cars for 15 hours.

Several ICE routes are still closed

There are still massive disabilities on the railways. Long-distance transport is still completely suspended on several important routes – for example, between Hanover and the Ruhr, from Hamburg to Munich, Dortmund and Cologne, or between Dresden and Leipzig.

During the morning, the train wants to inform if and where the traffic can be resumed. However, it is clear that there will be restrictions and delays during the day.

Winter was the main problem in the coming days

It snowed more in the morning, especially in the south of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg and north of Hamburg, where almost no snow has fallen so far.

Compared to the weekend, the snowfall should decrease overall in the coming days. A big problem will be a strong frost – especially at night.

Aid organizations have therefore stepped up their efforts on the homeless. In many cities, there are “cold buses” on the road that can take care of people on the street or take them to emergency accommodation.

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