Seder’s commitment to FFP2 shows that the culprits are asleep

Seder’s commitment to FFP2 shows that the culprits are asleep

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Seder’s commitment to FFP2 shows that the culprits are asleep

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Bavaria introduces mandatory FFP2 masks in public places

In Bavaria FFP2 will be mandatory in local public transport and in retail. With this, Prime Minister Söder wants to stop the spread of the crown virus. However, it is debatable whether this really makes sense and who pays the costs.

Söder has also received criticism for demanding the FFP2 mask in Bavaria – but this is largely due to the possibility. This makes it clear: once again there were no thoughts. Another argument by the Prime Minister is similar to a bankruptcy declaration.

S.Germany and the rest of the world have been delayed in the pandemic for more than ten months. It’s been so long that the quilt – and initially quite understandable – argument “It’s new to all of us” is gradually losing its credibility. Germany remains blocked for the second time. For the second time public life is paralyzed, schools are closed, desperate families find themselves between home schooling and home office, lonely people living alone.

The discussion about the quality of masks should also seem familiar. Bavarian Prime Minister Marcus Söder (CSU) returned them to the table by a Cabinet decision to demand a FFP2 mask in public transport in the south of the state. The reaction to this step is indicative and shows that those responsible were asleep – again.

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In Bavaria, people now have to wear masks according to the FFP2 standard

Because FFP2 masks provide much more effective protection – unlike surgical masks and so-called masks, they also retain this Carriers themselves from infection – well known. The federal government and the land government would have months to order masks or promote their production in Germany in order to arm all citizens with them.

Everyone thinks the basic idea is good. Criticism of Bavaria’s new exclusion rules focuses only on questions of specific possibility: are there enough masks? How can we ensure that all citizens can purchase it on time? And what about those in need? They should at least get masks for free.

However, in general, the usefulness of the measure is almost beyond doubt – on the contrary. Experts agree the head of the North Rhine Pharmacists Association notes, for example, that FFP2 masks will also make sense in the workplace. Even the “greens” and “leftists” agree, albeit with the restriction, that masks should be available and that they should not be expensive. So why not a nationwide extension rule?

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“The crown is like a plague.  He climbs into every crevice, ”Bavarian Prime Minister Marcus Soder said recently.

The Prime Minister of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer (CDU), openly acknowledges that accessibility is a major issue: in an interview with WELT, he confirms that masks are few, and says: “The most important thing is to avoid contact and distance. This is Plan A. Everything else is Plan B. If we have enough masks in the country that everyone can afford and buy at a reasonable price, then you can talk about something like that, ”he says.

Now the definition of Plan B is that it takes effect when Plan A fails. At least the head of the doctors who are required to insure confirmed on Wednesday that the blockade “brought almost nothing.” You can counteract this by saying that there will be a paradox of prevention – no one can know exactly how bad the situation will be without blocking. Complete loosening at the moment is also not justified as a large number of infections persist.

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However, it is time for an alternative or at least an additional plan to take control of the situation. This could include FFP2 masks for everyone, such as a more effective crown warning app or a massive increase in subsequent health care capabilities. According to Kretschmer’s logic, such a plan can only take effect when it is possible. Circular argument until the person cares about Plan B.

And the declaration of bankruptcy – given that it requires blocking each person every day. Executives should not be surprised that the endurance of the population is also declining.

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