Riots in the US: Journalists report targeted attacks

Riots in the US: Journalists report targeted attacks


BSeveral journalists were injured during riots in major American cities. Some reporters from various media outlets attacked police officers, some – demonstrators – some suspected targeted attacks.

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In South Carolina, a television journalist was hit on a rock, in Minneapolis a reporter was hit by a rubber bullet on the thigh. A Pittsburgh television reporter said he was beaten by protesters, and Louisville police apologized to the police team, using pepper spray to guide the television team.

The unrest was sparked by the death of African-American George Floyd, who was arrested earlier this week in Minneapolis on suspicion of fraud. He died after a police officer, who is now out of work and charged with murder, knelt on his neck for nearly eight minutes.

USA, Minneapolis: A group of demonstrators surrounds several vehicles of the National GuardCredit: dpa / Renee Jones Schneider

In Minneapolis, freelance photographer Linda Tirano was hit in the left eye by a police bullet. “I took off the camera for a while and then something exploded on my face” This was reported by Tirana to The New York Times. “I immediately felt blood running down my face and shouted,‘ I’m the press! I’m the press!

Tirana later wrote on his Twitter page that he was invariably blind in the eye despite emergency surgery. “The police made it clear that they didn’t care if you were a journalist on duty.”

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At a rally near the White House on Saturday, a group of protesters attacked the Fox News team. Reporter Leland Viter told an AP correspondent that he and his photographer Christian Goldabini hit the target. “We have a pretty good breakdown,” he said.

The protesters interrupted the live broadcast of the Fox team and called for profanity against Fox. Intelligence officers escort Viterto and Goldabini from Lafayette Park, after which the angry group has not yet dispersed them.

Wither said he and his photographer had no sign that they were from Fox. At the demonstration, however, the man constantly asked who he was working for. He did not answer, but the man found his photo on his cell phone and called the rest that he was from Fox. “The protesters stopped protesting against anything and turned against us,” Witter said. “And it was a completely different feeling.”

The protesters collided with a man – then stones were thrown

A Daily Caller correspondent was filming scenes as Witter and protesters left the park. At one point someone took Wither’s microphone and threw it in his back. One woman from the group was wearing a T-shirt that said “I can’t breathe,” the last words of George Floyd.

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In Columbia, South Carolina, broadcasters say a man mingled with protesters in a cap labeled “MAGA,” which symbolizes President Donald Trump’s old campaign motto, “Make America Great Again.” As a result, the protesters opposed this person. Then the stones flew away.

Trump prefers the Fox broadcaster and has repeatedly accused other media outlets such as CNN, MSDNC, the New York Times and the Washington Post of spreading inaccurate information. On Saturday, he tweeted again: “Fake news is the enemy of the people!”

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In Minneapolis, two employees of the Reuters news agency were also wounded by rubber bullets from police on Saturday night. The incident occurred when police entered rubber bullets and tear gas against about 500 protesters, shortly after the curfew took effect at 8 p.m.

Images of Reuters cameraman Julio-Cesar Chavez show how a police officer is targeting him. “The policeman I’m shooting is turning around, aiming his rubber rifle at me,” Chavez said. Minutes later, Chavez and Reuters security adviser Rodney Seward were hit by rubber bullets as they tried to hide at a gas station.

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In the cameraman’s film, you can hear several shots that continued until they escaped. Seward yells, “Rubber bullet hit me in the face!” In Seward’s later painting, he is seen being approached by a paramedic on the spot. There is a deep wound under the left eye.

Chavez was hit in the neck. Both men have hand injuries. Chavez wore a camera and his press card around his neck. Seward was in a bulletproof vest that spoke to the press.

A spokesman for the Minneapolis Police Department, who was questioned about the incident, demanded copies of the TV and initially provided no information. The event is the latest attack on journalists reporting on protests following Floyd’s brutal death.

A black CNN journalist was detained in front of the camera on Friday when he was reporting on rallies in the city.

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