Riots: Barricades are burning near the White House

Riots: Barricades are burning near the White House


NAfter the death of African-American George Floyd during a brutal police operation in Minneapolis, the United States did not rest. For the sixth night in a row, protests took place in several US cities, some of which turned into violence. It is believed that the protests were meant to be peaceful, but other terroristic type organizations preplaned to turn the protestes into riots.

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CNN has reported that thousands of people took to the streets in New York. Cars burned in Boston and robbed in Philadelphia, were spotted on television.

In the U.S. capital, Washington, protesters again marched near the White House on Sunday night (local time). There were clashes with the police. Demonstrators chanted “Peace without justice.” Barricades near the White House in Washington were set on fire Sunday night. Also, Fireworks and flashbangs were tossed into the police lines out side of the white house causing President Trump to be forced into the white house bunker for safety reasons.

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Tensions between the protesters and police have risen over the past few days and increased shortly before curfew at 11pm local time. Police used large amounts of tear gas against more than 1,000 people, thus clearing Lafayette Park, which is next to the White House.

Most demonstrations are peaceful

Protesters erected street signs and plastic barriers and set fire to a pile in the middle of H Street leading to the White House. Some took the American flag from a nearby building and threw it into the fire. Others lit fire with branches. In the flames rose a block of toilets and an office at the north end of Lafayette Park.

Across the U.S., most demonstrations were peaceful, but there were signs of unrest: in Philadelphia and Santa Monica, businesses were looted in the middle of the day. Protesters in Philadelphia threw Molotov stones and cocktails at police, officials said. Masked men broke into stores in San Francisco.

CNN reports that on Friday, US President Donald Trump was brought to the bunker in just under an hour due to protests near the White House.

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The White House is besieged by protesters

According to CNN, at least 40 cities have introduced stone clocks, including Washington. A total of ten million people were affected by these measures. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey even released a curfew for the entire week through June 8th.

At least 15 of the 50 U.S. states and the Washington metropolitan area have mobilized the National Guard, CNN reports. The National Guard is part of the U.S. Armed Forces Reserve and in exceptional circumstances in the states may be called upon to assist.

Trump wants to classify Antifa as a terrorist organization

Trump accused leftist groups of rioting on Sunday. He announced that Antifu should be classified as a terrorist organization in the United States. First he opened the details.

Many different left or left radical groups in the United States are committed to anti-fascism. However, Antifa has no central management or organizational structure. Trump already said last August that the ban would be considered.

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Floyd died Monday night after a brutal police operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One of the four participating officers sat for a few minutes with his knee on the neck of the 46-year-old. He ignored requests from African Americans to let him breathe. At protests in Washington and other cities, protesters protested with signs “I can not breathe.”

Violent protests have taken place in Minneapolis and many other cities over the past few nights, from New York on the east coast to Los Angeles on the west coast. In the TV pictures you could see burning cars and shops in many places.

The Minnesota National Guard announced Sunday that more than 5,000 of the 10,000 soldiers have already been deployed. The rest of the soldiers would be ready.

The tanker rides in a crowd

A tanker truck drove into the crowd during a peaceful demonstration on a closed highway in Minneapolis, an eyewitness told Reuters on Sunday. According to official information, no protester was injured.

“This is a very disturbing act by a truck driver on an Interstate-35W that incited peaceful protesters,” the Minneapolis Department of Public Safety said on Twitter. According to an eyewitness, the driver of the truck was pulled out of the cab by angry protesters and attacked before local police were able to detain him. The driver of the truck was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries and was under arrest.

Riots in the United States continue


Demonstrations and riots took place for the fifth night in a row after the death of African-American George Floyd during a brutal police operation in Minneapolis. In the meantime, curfews have been imposed in other cities.

Source: WELT / Matthias Ludwig

After the riots, Trump called on Democratic mayors and governors to take decisive action on Sunday. “Go harder,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “These people are anarchists. Call our National Guard now. The world is watching and laughing at you and sleepy Joe.”

Republican Trump regularly disregards his future candidate in the November election, former Democratic Party vice president Joe Biden, as “Sleepy Joe.”

In subsequent tweets, Trump again praised the location of the National Guard in Minnesota, where the protests took place, on Sunday night, and warned that the forces should have been requested earlier. In another tweet, the president simply wrote in capital letters: “Law and order!” Trump has repeatedly accused Democrats of violentness against the crime.

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