Prince Charles visits Prince Philip’s father in hospital after 4 p.m.

Britain’s Crown Prince Charles visited a hospital on Saturday where his father, Prince Philip, was feeling sick after being warned, a Reuters photographer at the hospital said.

Charles arrived at a London hospital where Queen Elizabeth’s 99-year-old husband, Philip, spent four nights. Charles was in the hospital for more than half an hour before leaving.

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Prince Philip spends the third night in a London hospital

Duke Philip of Edinburgh was admitted to hospital on Tuesday as a precautionary measure after suffering from a non-COVID-19-related illness.

He is expected to remain in hospital until next week, a royal source said on Friday, adding that doctors were acting cautiously and the duke was still in good spirits.

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Both Philip and the 94-year-old queen received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in January.

He spent the last four nights of 2019 in the same hospital while being treated for a pre-existing condition.

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Prince Philip in “good mood” after hospitalization

Prince Philip in “good mood” after hospitalization

Philip is rarely seen in public now. She resigned in August 2017 after completing more than 22,000 individual events with the Queen և thousands of other events

A former naval officer known for his sometimes rude humor, Philip married Elizabeth in 1947. 5 years before she became queen. He is now by far the longest-serving British monarch.

In a tribute to the Duke, one of his grandchildren, Princess Eugene and her husband, Jack You Brooksbank, announced on Saturday that their first son had been named August Philip Hawke Brooksbank.


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