Prince Charles’ inexplicable truth

Prince Charles’ inexplicable truth

According to Andrew Morton, the biographer of Princess Diana, Prince Charles absolutely wanted his second child to be a girl. Morton found this out during an interview with the princess in 1991, which revealed that her marriage quickly “went down the drain” after the birth of Prince Harry … and it was apparently Charles’ response to the birth that brought his partner to her breaking point . The late princess knew she had another boy – “I saw it on the scan,” she said to Morton (via The sun) – but decided to keep it secret because he believed Prince Charles would be disappointed. According to Princess Diana, her prediction has been fulfilled.

In Morton’s book Diana: Your real storyThe princess revealed that the Prince of Wales’s first words to her after the birth of royal baby # 2 were: “Oh god it’s a boy.” He would later claim he was joking, but according to Princess Diana, Prince regretted it Charles (who also commented on Prince Harry’s ginger hair, she claimed) again baptized and reportedly told Diana’s mother that he was “so” disappointed “when he found out that they had another boy.

“We thought it was a girl,” Prince Charles added, which apparently did not go down well with his mother-in-law. Princess Diana told Morton that her mother had “snapped” Charles and reminded him that he was “lucky” to have a healthy child, regardless of gender.

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