Samsung has distributed numerous Android updates over the past few weeks, but has once again made a mistake. Android 11 had to be retired for some cellphones, but is now being redistributed. GIGA has the details for you.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 gets Android 11 again

When Samsung released the update to Android 11 for the Galaxy S10 in early countries some time ago, the joy was great. Shortly afterwards, the update had to be removed due to issues. This has happened to Samsung several times in the past. Now the update for Galaxy S10 smartphones is rolling out again. So you can check your S10 again for the update. It is unclear which errors Samsung fixed. But the problems were quickly recognized and addressed. In the end, that’s how you want it to be.

Galaxy S10 smartphones will be equipped with One UI 3.0 with the update to Android 11. This introduces many changes in Samsung phones which modify the operation in some cases. We’ve been using Android 11 with the new One UI on the Galaxy S21 for a few days now and are ecstatic. There are some inconsistencies with the notifications here and there, however, so the symbols are sometimes displayed twice or overlap. Samsung may resolve this issue with future updates. You can find out what Google introduced with Android 11 in the following video:

More Samsung phones will soon get Android 11

Over time, Samsung will provide even more devices with an update to Android 11. Especially in the middle class, there are still smartphones on the list that need to be updated. Hopefully without errors and already with the improvements to notifications, which we noticed negatively. Otherwise, Android 11 has so far worked smoothly and without issue.