PlayStation 5 Showcase: Hogwarts Legacy – Sony’s presentation star

PlayStation 5 Showcase: Hogwarts Legacy – Sony’s presentation star

I amIn the context of the 45-minute live broadcast, the company of fans tuned in to the future console, and after a long wait also revealed the start of sales and the cost of the new generation of consoles.

More than a million viewers watched the event on Sony’s official YouTube channels alone. In addition, the hardware manufacturer got acquainted with a number of games and also used the stage to present a new offer to Sony customers.

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However, the band made the audience wait for 45 minutes of the most exciting news. Just shortly before the end of the presentation, Sony announced the price and release date of the console. The two devices are expected to hit the market in Europe on November 19 – a week later than in the US, Japan and a number of other countries.

In Germany, the version with data storage will go on sale for 499 euros, “Digital Edition” without disk is available for 399 euros. Prices had already become apparent on the eve of the event, but Germany’s fine caused a lack of understanding among local fans.

Sony rates exclusive names

Thus, Microsoft’s competitor successfully clearly underestimates Sony’s prices. For a purely digital analogue, where there is no room for physical storage media and with weak hardware, the Xbox S series, the American group requires only 299 euros.

For the more expensive Xbox X series with a drive and completely updated hardware, Microsoft also charges 499 euros. However, it is clear that this year the new generation consoles are cheaper than Redmond.

Instead, however, Sony has impressively highlighted the wide range of games on the new Playstation tonight – with additional titles appearing exclusively for the console. Accordingly, these games are not available for Microsoft devices.

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The greater the interest of fans in these titles, the more it affects their purchase decision. This is traditionally the strength of Sony. The company was especially able to impress with the first real game scenes from the superhero adventure “Spider-Man: Miles Morales”. This is where the Sony console first showed its real graphics power. Reflections in the rain, explosions on the destroyed bridge and many spider threads are bristling with details. Even in extremely fast battles and shot tracking, the device displays the game fluidly.

Spider-Man fans can look forward to an exciting adventure – which will be released early and exclusively for the Playstation 5. The same goes for the new edition of “Demon’s Souls” – an adventure fight, which is one of the most challenging games in recent game history, and which is why he has many loyal fans.

“The Legacy of Hogwarts” is the star of the evening

To compensate for the lack of prices compared to Microsoft, Sony is trying to attract existing Xbox users and comfort newcomers with a new offer. “Playstation Plus Collection” is designed to complement the current paid offer “Playstation Plus”.

Video gamers need this, among other things, to be able to play online with other users around the world. The new collection now creates a download set for all subscribers and includes permanent access to some of the best games for the previous Playstation 4 console.

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The offer includes Uncharted 4, God of War and The Last Guardian. They all appeared exclusively for the Sony console and set milestones in terms of content in their gaming genres. Anyone who hasn’t been anchored in the Sony universe before can now catch up on missed game moments.

However, the real star of the evening will appear on both game consoles – but Sony has gained momentum to give the first insight during its presentation. We’re talking about “The Legacy of Hogwarts,” a role-playing game in the Harry Potter universe being developed by “Warner Bros. Games.”

Another surprise for Sony fans

The first official trailer should make the hearts of millions of Potter fans beat faster. The action of the game took place in the late 18th century and thus a prequel to the history of films and books about a student of a world-famous healer. The trailer shows that players, among other things, visit Hogwarts Castle and take part in a variety of courses. Many places from the films have been accurately restored.

The first real game scenes show students of magicians who cook potions, feed magical creatures or fly on powerful hippogriffs – mythical creatures with half a griffin and half a horse. However, this action can not be ignored: among other things, there is already an idea of ​​a duel of magic wands and the fight against harmful creatures or enemy magicians.

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The game should appear next year, including for next-generation consoles. Role-playing has rocked the Internet with its open game world. “I’ve wanted this game since I was a child,” said American YouTuber Anna Birsbin.

And Sony kept another surprise until the end – apparently so important to the company that the announcement was made only after the announcement of prices. The action hit “God of War” gets a successor that will appear exclusively for the Playstation 5 next year.

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The first part of the series told a mythical story in an icy Nordland scenario. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Sony only showed the logo and a short text bar. But one thing is for sure for fans of the game: Germany’s fine should be quickly forgotten.

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