Google’s mobile phone owners have struggled for over a month with issues that only came with a software update to the smartphone. Another update from Google should now fix the issue. A workaround is already available – although that sounds a bit strange.


Pixel 4a 5G: Google admits its mistakes

Some owners of a Google Pixel 4a 5G are currently only able to use their smartphones to a limited extent. Quite a few clients report in the official Google help forum for display issues. It wouldn’t always react to inputs. It is said that the difficulties arise mainly in the lower part of the screen. However, this shouldn’t be a hardware flaw, as the issues only affect smartphones with the Android 11 December patch. Other pixel models shouldn’t be affected.

In the meantime, Google has confirmed that the problems are not isolated cases. We would now be working on a solution that will most likely arrive in the form of a new patch on the Pixel 4a 5G. However, this will only be distributed in a few weeks. However, Google also has an interim solution ready. Users are encouraged to tap the exact center of app icons instead of the sides. In addition, only the absolute tip of a finger should be used. According to Google, this approach would significantly increase the detection rate.

How does the Pixel 4a 5G compare to the Pixel 5? The answer is here in the video:

Pixel 4a 5G: gesture control as a solution

Problems with an unresponsive screen are not common to all Pixel 4a 5G owners. Those who rely on gesture control will hardly notice the difficulties or not at all. However, if classic navigation with three buttons at the bottom of the screen is set, users will quickly notice the issues.