Oh, have I been online?

Oh, have I been online?

panorama Oh, have I been online?

The MP saw sex at a video conference

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MP Amery kisses women’s breasts. See on the big screen in the Argentine Parliament. The 47-year-old said he did not know he was online during the video session.

E.Sex with a member of parliament was shown on the big screen in the Argentine parliament. MP Juan Emilio Amery was spotted kissing a woman on the chest at a session that was held via video link due to the Crown Pandemic. He was then suspended from further meetings on Thursday for at least five days. In his apology Amery said he did not know what was online.

The session was canceled by Speaker of the House of Representatives Sergio Massa due to the incident. While switching videos during the crisis in the Crown, one could already see scenes in which deputies fell asleep or shielded themselves from the eyes of their colleagues, Massa said. But the current incident “really exceeded the limits of this house.”

Amery is “very ashamed” of this

Amery was seen caressing and kissing the breasts of a woman sitting nearby. One of the breasts was temporarily bare. The images quickly spread on the Internet.

The 47-year-old parliamentarian from the northwestern province of Salta reacted briefly. He said he regretted the incident and was “very ashamed”. He believed that one of the most common Internet outages had occurred in his region. Amery also reported that his partner had implanted breast implants just ten days ago.

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This should not stop with the five-day suspension of the parliamentarian. The House of Representatives wants to decide within this period what further punishment will be imposed on it.

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