“Not recommended”: serious allegations against OnePlus

“Not recommended”: serious allegations against OnePlus

Aggressive behavior and unnecessary lockups: What the developer of a well-known app now has to say about Chinese maker OnePlus shouldn’t be appealing to them. OnePlus is generally no longer recommended, so the conclusion. What just happened there?

App developer: OnePlus prevents access

If the developer of the Gcam app, which connects the Google camera to smartphones from other manufacturers, is successful, cooperation with OnePlus is recommended. In a longer blog entry the developer now takes a breath and explains how the builder deals with third party vendors. OnePlus is anything but good here.

The object of criticism is the accusation that OnePlus is increasingly defending itself when it comes to running external software on its own cellphones. The manufacturer is accused, among other things, of preventing access to the camera on current smartphones. When a way was found to bypass this restriction, OnePlus reportedly blocked this completely with an update. In Android 11, it now looks like OnePlus would only allow the use of the official camera app.

Even though developers of other camera apps should be able to offer their own functions on a current OnePlus mobile phone, the manufacturer would have to rely on artificial restrictions – to the detriment of the user. OnePlus is accused of preventing access to full image resolution. According to the developer of Gcam, this would mean a visible drawback. Compared to another cell phone using the same Sony camera sensor, results on OnePlus appear blurry if third-party camera apps are used.

How did smartphone cameras get so good?

Clear words: “OnePlus is no longer recommended”

For the developer, there is no longer any reason to rely on OnePlus phones: “I have recommended OnePlus to people for a while (…). I don’t want people to buy something based on my previous recommendation only to find out that things aren’t as good as I said. “

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