Norbert Ratgen: “The experience of falling remains”

Norbert Ratgen: “The experience of falling remains”

PEACE ON SUNDAY: For months you and your two competitors have been working hard to convince the party. However, the mood in the CDU is not euphoric for you or any of the other candidates. Why is that?

Norbert Ratgen: For 15 years, the SPD has been betting on a rescuer with a new chairman. He never answered the question of what social democracy should mean in the 21st century. Instead, he always relied on the euphoric congress of the party, at which the appearance of a new chairman was celebrated as the redemption of the party. This approach is based on self-deception and denial of reality. In my candidacy, I express that the CDU is not enough to get a new chairman. I am firmly convinced that even the CDU has no guarantees from the People’s Party. We are instructed to do everything to save the People’s Party. We need to acknowledge this and then work on ourselves and change.

PEACE ON SUNDAY: If you look at the history of the Federal Republic of Germany, you do not care, but do not agree that after 16 years in the government of the same ruling party will be able to re-appoint the Chancellor.

X-ray: Very correct. Therefore …

Robin Alexander, Jacques Schuster

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