Ninja tempts his anger

Ninja tempts his anger

After returning to Twitch, Ninja is nowhere near number 1 on the platform. Young viewers in particular remind him of this, but with whom he has completely different issues.

In Interview with the New York Times Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins talks about the end of Mixer and the reaction of his young viewers when they returned to Twitch. He also addresses this in part bad behavior of young players / viewers and the fsense of parental responsibilities. Another topic concerns the flows with women and the issues ninja see in them.

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Contract with Mixer: “I don’t regret anything that I did.”

After Mixer stopped in mid-2020, Ninja returned to Twitch. With Mixer’s failure, they just shoot it “Kids” and frequently in her chat which annoys him enormously. Not only because he has absolutely no regrets about his decisions, but because no dialogue is possible with young audiences. When he responded to viewer comments by name like “69fartsniffer” Between, “They laugh like schoolgirls” and are happy that he paid attention to them. For him it is “the worst”.

Racist comments and the role of parents

Another problem for him is the racist comments during his stream. Ninja says he cannot react to itbecause it can only be used to troll it, but finds it questionable that children “Their first interaction with racism” experience with him in the stream. For him it is the parentswho need to tell their children about it and he sees themn the duty to see what their children are playing and how they interact with other people on the Internet. He prefers to stay out, as streamers can be banned for racist comments while they’re broadcasting.

Streaming with women

Ninja has a hard time playing in the stream with women. He fears that rumors spread quickly, especially if it only broadcasts with another player. That’s why he only broadcasts with a band when he’s playing with women. Since he is someone who is in public, “Doesn’t he have this luxury”.

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Yes his passive behavior resolving even one of these problems is questionable. Ninja must be wondering why he’s letting his (young) viewers take away some of the control over his content.

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