Ninja Roasts xQc on Keemstar’s Minecraft Monday

Ninja Roasts xQc on Keemstar’s Minecraft Monday

Mr. Tyler aka “Ninja” who is also known as one of top gaming streamers recently left 14.7 million followers on Twitch and moved to Mixer just mocked one of his mate. If we are not wrong Ninja is not the only famous streamer on the internet, Felixaka “xQc” is also very popular after Ninja.

Both popular gaming figures showed up on KEEMSTAR’s Minecraft Monday and happily roasted each other. In the hilarious conversation Ninja mocked xQc and fans are extremely happy about it. The entire video was hilarious and worth to watch.

“I was watching [xQc’s] stream and he’s like, ‘I’m not scared of Techno, he’s with Ninja this week,’” Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade claimed. “‘We got this. This is our week to win.’”

It seems Ninja is done on Twitch but he doesn’t want to ignore his rivals that are still on Twitch. Mixer is a big challenge for Ninja but he is quickly gaining huge audience on new Platform. Mixer is going to be the best investment for Ninja according to gaming experts.

Ninja fans knew that he is very good at roasting too that’s why they like to see more of him on the stream.


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