Nikkei soars: a new attempt at 14,000 in the DAX?

Nikkei soars: a new attempt at 14,000 in the DAX?

German default values ​​are likely to start a new trading day with a slight rise in prices. Investors are looking for excitement in the US for several reasons.

The DAX is likely to increase the price slightly at the beginning of trading. However, as is often the case, further developments will depend crucially on events in the United States.

According to calculations by banks and brokers, indications for DAX in pre-trading are in the range of 14,000 points. That would be 0.4 percent more than yesterday.

Japanese stock markets rose sharply on Thursday. The Nikkei index, which includes 225 values, gained 0.8 percent to 28,698 points.

In the foreign exchange market, the euro continues to move sideways against the US dollar. The common currency is trading in the range of $ 1.2150 this morning. On the one hand, the euro is supporting political confusion with the second indictment process against US President Donald Trump. On the other hand, the recent sharp rise in long-term US government bond interest rates speaks for the dollar.

There is no clear direction in America

There was no clear trend on Wall Street and the Nasdaq technology exchange on Wednesday. The Dow Jones Industrial lost at least 31,060 points. The broad S&P 500 index gained 0.2 percent to 3809 meters. The Nasdaq Composite Index advanced 0.4 percent to 13,128 points.

Investors are torn between the current economic problems caused by the high number of infections and the expected strong economic recovery in the second half of the year. Due to the stormy hunting of records in recent weeks, this should already be largely included in the courses.

However, it cannot be ruled out that the expected stimulus packages from the future US administration of Joe Biden could give a new impetus to the market. But only if this does not move long-term interest rates further. After last year’s low of a good 0.3 percent, ten-year US government bonds brought 1.11 percent yesterday. This threatens companies with higher financing costs. In addition, some investors may now consider securities to be an attractive alternative to equities that could reduce stock market demand.

Quarterly news season

Starting tomorrow, Friday, the first US companies will report on the fourth quarter. The first are the three major banks Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo.

GM shares with electric imagination

On Wall Street yesterday, shares of General Motors (GM) gained almost two percent and sometimes even reached a record high. The company plans to invest approximately $ 27 billion in research, development and production of electric vehicles by 2025. So far, the group wants to launch a total of 30 different models. GM is also building its own battery factory. However, it is necessary to build batteries that allow a significantly longer range. Since 2025, the company aims to produce one million electric cars a year.

Investors are celebrating the new head of Intel

Shares of chip company Intel made a huge leap. Experienced technology manager Pat Gelsinger is expected to reach the top of Intel on February 15. Gelsinger most recently led VMWare software specialist – and previously spent decades at Intel, among other things as a technology leader. Even before he left in 2009, he was considered a candidate for the top position. How well investors can rate Gelsinger is shown by the reaction of VMWare shares. It closed by almost seven percent by closing trading.

Huge success with the IPO

In addition, it was the subject of an IPO interview on the Nasdaq Technology Exchange. Affirm Holdings temporarily climbed to $ 103 on the first day in the stock market and then closed at $ 97.24. Inventories of online payment providers sold for $ 49.

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