There is never any reason to start a new sale in the PS Store, which is why there is never any reason to delve a little into the offers: With the “offers for the semester”, you not only have the impression that the year is long gone too quickly – there is also the feeling that you saved money when buying it, for free.

Battlefield 5

Until 80 percent some games are currently (or already again) reduced in the PS Store, this time under the banner “Semi-annual offers“. WHAT? The year is half past? Should we still buy Christmas trees? Not quite yet, but either game can be a Christmas present for you. Certainly.

I have a few The highlight of the new PS4 sale chosen for you:

the Definitive edition of Tellatles The Walking Dead contains everything four Seasons as well as 400 days, Michonne and bonus material. If you’ve always wanted to try the epic, this offer is actually pretty good. In Evolution of the Jurassic World you can open your own dinosaur park, with all its advantages and … well, its disadvantages:

Some offers are further reduced if you are a PS Plus member. Jurassic World Evolution, for example, costs a few euros less in this sale, although it is not worth mentioning.

Marina hansel
Marina Hänsel, GIGA expert for horror, RPG, Dead By Daylight and Minecraft.

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