Montreal rapper Naya Ali wins first prize at Black Black Music Award

Montreal rapper Naya Ali wins first prize at Black Black Music Award

The Montreal rapper just won a new Canadian Music Award that recognizes future black artists.

NDG Naya Ali became one of the first winners of the SOCAN Foundation SiriusXM Black Canadian Music Awards.

This is the last achievement of his fast-paced career.

«It was wild. “I think even at the end of last year, things were going much faster,” Ali told Global News in an interview.

He was born in Ethiopia and came to Montreal with his mother when he was a child. Ali says that his upbringing at NDG helped him develop an interest in becoming a rapper.

“When you know, you know. “It’s a great, wonderful place, a great place for the arts,” he said.

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Maybe now Ali is coming out with polished music and visually amazing videos, but the 32-year-old’s stellar path was winding. One of the early stops was the NDG YMCA, where as a teenager she watched annual shows hosted by community rappers.

“There was a commotion. There was NDG noise, և I’m always used to knowing, I want to be a part of it. “But I did not know how,” he said.

He began writing poetry and rap, but in the early 1920s he gave up the dream.

“I did not think it was viable,” he said. “I just focused on school, I focused on visiting Concordia, McGill, and then I worked in marketing.”

He says he was not happy. Working in the office, it became clear what he really wanted to do.

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“While I was doing my ninth or fifth, I was coming home, 12 out of six, working on my music,” he said.

He released his first single Rara In 2017, և was quickly noticed.

“That’s how I got my manager, and then it just started snowballing itself. “It confirmed it to me, so I just trusted the process and worked harder,” he said.

His momentum has only grown since then, becoming one of five winners of the first Black Canadian Music Awards this week. The goal of honor is to promote TS talent. A jury of 10 black artists and music industry leaders selected him.

“We can not deny the many systemic barriers faced by artists, especially black artists, so we must play our part in the industry,” said Charlie Wall-Andrews, Executive Director of the SOCAN Foundation.

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He said that the jury did not take the decisions seriously, studied hundreds of statements.

«“Like all other award winners, Naya has a really unique spirit, she has shown momentum in innovation and creativity,” said Wall-Andrews.

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Ali said that the way of awarding is especially special for him, as he was chosen by his peers in the music industry.

The second part of his album God’s speed His main goal is to follow in the footsteps of other Canadian hip-hop superstars, to make it big in the United States and beyond.

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