Members of the armed forces took part in the event of right-handed martial arts – WELT

Members of the armed forces took part in the event of right-handed martial arts – WELT

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Members of the armed forces took part in an event of right-wing extremist martial arts

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Visitors of the festival Visitors of the festival

Visitors of the festival “Shield and Sword” in April 2018 in Ostrytsia, where a martial arts event also took place

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The neo-Nazi martial arts tournament “Kampf der Nibelungen” is organized professionally and is an important source of money for the stage. This did not prevent members of the armed forces from expressing condolences to the series online or attending events.

D.he “Kampf der Nibelungen” (KdN) is the most important organization of martial arts on the militant neo-Nazi scene in Europe. There is no secret of his attitude: the organizer of the martial arts tournament is a famous Dortmund neo-Nazi. The event was already part of a right-wing rock festival in Saxony Oysters. The site says you need to join and encourage others to “turn their backs on the system of failures, hypocrites and weaklings”.

Despite the open right extremist nature, the tournament is attractive: to last year’s event was forbidden, the series has recently started to increase the number of visitors, in 2018 there were 850 people and 40 fighters from Germany, France, Ukraine and other countries.

Instagram and Facebook have over 7,000 likes and subscriptions. As it has now become known, among them were also parts of a professional group that are actually obliged to abide by the constitution.

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“Battle of the Nibelungs”

The federal government knows that “active members of the Bundeswehr have done ‘like’ on Facebook the ‘Battle of the Nibelungs,'” the Federal Interior Ministry said in response to a parliamentary request from the Greens parliamentary group to HEALTH. It is also known that representatives of the armed forces attended the event as visitors. The number of “such characteristics” is in the low double-digit range.

Green Bundestag MP Monica Lazar calls such ties “particularly disturbing”. It is completely unacceptable that members of the armed forces enter and exit a series of martial arts.

“Kampf der Nibelungen is not just any non-political martial arts tournament, but the largest martial arts event on the militant neo-Nazi scene in Western Europe,” said a spokeswoman for the GREEN parliamentary group.

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Stefan E.

Robert Klaus shares this assessment. He has been researching extremist violence in sports for years. His book “Your Struggle” has just been published, in which he describes Networks describes the right martial arts scene. He points to the important function of such events for the stage. “Extreme right-wing ideology is always violent, and neo-Nazis have always been preparing to fight,” Klaus Welt said. “What’s new: Neo-Nazis practice martial arts professionally and commercially. Such events bring a lot of money to the stage. “

For example, the ban on events in October 2019 was a major setback for the “Battle of the Nibelungs”. The event was organized by the city of Ostritz prohibitedbecause it poses a threat to public safety and order. The decision was mainly based on the findings of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The current response of the Federal Ministry of the Interior talks about a loss of 20,000 euros. Klaus even thinks it’s a small amount.

It is even more problematic if the Bundeswehr deputies make a financial contribution to such an event. “One armed forcesA soldier taking part in the “Battle of the Nibelungs” takes part in a closed scene. Then he spent at least on the entry of militant neo-Nazi structures, ”Klaus said. A democratic state should not tolerate this.

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The defense ministry declined to comment on the new cases, citing an ongoing investigation. The spokesman said that the responsible authorities have already been instructed to find out the situation. The fact that the incidents became known is also the result of reconciliation with recent months, in which cases of suspicion of extremism in the armed forces “in accordance with the policy of zero tolerance” have increased.

In late June, Defense Minister Anegret Kramp-Karenbauer (CDU) decided that the entire company of the Special Forces Command (SPC) dissolvein which a particularly large number of incidents occurred. After the replacement of the head of the Military Counterintelligence Service (IAD) Christoph Graham in September, the minister had a “new stage” in the fight against right-wing extremism announced.

Green politician Lazar now sees new MAD president Martin Rosenberg challenged. “Soldiers who attend this neo-Nazi event or are otherwise affiliated with the organization know what they are getting into and have no business in the Bundeswehr. Such people are forbidden to undergo military training, ”the deputy said.

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