Matthew McConaughey հարաբերությունների enn enifer Lopez

Matthew McConaughey հարաբերությունների enn enifer Lopez

On Instagram Live, Jennifer Lopez և Matthew McConaughey relived their fondest memories of the 2001 hit movie, which captures rum-computer fans everywhere. Wedding plannerAfter Lopez first scolded each other for how far they had come in 20 years, he found out what he had said to McConaughey before the scene of the legendary last kiss in which characters Steve and Mary lovingly immortalized their immortal love. to each other, a lot in the film.

“Only yesterday we were in the middle of this part with the movie,” JLo announced (via) to shine) “Do you remember the scene when you wanted to kiss me?” And I remember you telling me, I do not know, do you remember … You said, Mrs. Lopez, I’m going to kiss you now. And I said. “Okay, let’s do that. “Let’s kiss.” I remember that right. «

Although it seems that McConaughey և Lopez had a pleasant kissing experience on the set, other actors were not lucky.


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