Mathieu Bulle, hero of The Apprentice, dies at the age of 30

Mathieu Bulle, hero of The Apprentice, dies at the age of 30

The young man was swept away on January 11 and weakened by an accident in 2013. He marked the cinema with his only role in Samuel Collardey’s first film.

He will have been the hero of a single film. Protagonist of Samuel Collardey’s first production, The ApprenticeMathieu Bulle died on January 11th at the age of 30, weakened by a forest accident in 2013 ballast Republican.

The young man was born in Besançon on November 30, 1990 and had the dream of becoming a farmer and keeping his farm.. With his professional agricultural diploma in his pocket, he went to Haute-Saône to join an agricultural group for joint operations. At the same time he crosses paths with Samuel Collardey, who makes him the hero of his first film. After ten years, Mathieu Bulle returned to his hometown of Haut-Doubs near his mother in 2019. Always after Republican East, Mathieu Bulle worked for the Sept Sapins employers group since 2020, where he was appreciated.

Louis Delluc Award for Best First Film 2008 and winner of International Critics’ Week at the age of 65e Edition of the Venice Film Festival, The Apprentice tells the daily life of a farm in Haut-Doubs through the relationship between an old farmer and an agricultural school student in search of himself. This fictional documentary pays homage to the rural world and shows Mathieu Bulle in his own role, himself an apprentice at that time. The young man, a non-professional actor, had shone there with a flashy interpretation.

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