Maas in the current hour: “He who is in a hurry is responsible”

Maas in the current hour: “He who is in a hurry is responsible”

Secretary of State Maas has called on the instigators to be responsible for the attacks on the US Capitol. US President Trump is jointly responsible. The attack shows how dangerous right-wing populism is – also in Germany.

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has called for all those responsible for the attack on the Capitol to be brought to justice – including instigators. He also indirectly asked for the punishment of US President Donald Trump. He had previously held him jointly responsible for the attack on the US Parliament building.

In the Bundestag debate on the unrest in Washington, Maas stressed that the attack on the Capitol after accusing Trump of electoral fraud did not surprise him. “Donald Trump did not take into account the democratic decision of American voters and trampled on the democratic rules of the game, especially in the last few weeks,” he said.

It is now necessary for all Democrats to join forces against the enemies of democracy. “This alliance begins with the perpetrators of these derailments having to answer. This includes violent rioters as well as their instigators. Those who incite are responsible,” the SPD politician said.

Maas: “Disservice” of right-wing populists

Maas mentioned the reactions of Beijing and Moscow, as well as the joy in Iran, Venezuela and North Korea after the riots in Washington. They showed “what bear populists are doing to their countries and what danger they pose to democracy,” he said. Future President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris would now need a lot of strength to restore confidence in American democracy.

However, the social divide that underpins events in Washington has long existed “on both sides of the Atlantic,” the foreign minister warned. He mentioned the violence in Kassel and Hanau and the storm on the steps of the Reichstag building on the edge of a demonstration by opponents of state protection against the corona, right-wing populists and conspiracy theorists.

One of the reasons for the spread of manipulation and agitation is the role of social networks, which also have a great responsibility here. Maas insisted on the rule of law, not to leave control only to companies. The SPD politician emphasized the importance of freedom of speech even in content “which we do not like”. However, this ends where “crimes and agitation begin”.

“Incitement to rebellion”

Protests by angry Trump supporters in the US capital, Washington, escalated last Wednesday. Shortly before the storm at the Capitol, Trump appeared before his supporters, reiterated his unsubstantiated allegations of electoral fraud, and called on his supporters to move to the seat of the U.S. parliament. You should not accept the “theft” of the election, the US president said.

Trump must now face charges in the U.S. Senate for “inciting rebellion.” Maas said it was not in his place to evaluate the so-called indictments. “In the end, however, it is nothing more than an expression of the fact that the Americans must let the damage to their democratic institutions have no consequences.”

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