Los Angeles District Attorney’s husband Jackie Lacey has been accused of aiming a gun at BLM protesters

Los Angeles District Attorney’s husband Jackie Lacey has been accused of aiming a gun at BLM protesters

On Tuesday, she criticized the criminal case, claiming her husband was just trying to protect her after she received harsh threats.

“The events that took place earlier this year have caused my family tremendous pain,” Lacey said in a statement to the Associated Press. “My husband acted out of fear for my safety, after we had been subjected to months of persecution that included the threat of death at least a week earlier.”

Samuel Tire, a lawyer representing David Lacey, said the Guardian that he will be acquitted in court. “We completely disagree with their assessment, but we fully believe in the justice system and are confident that the right result will be achieved,” he said.

But Melina Abdullah, a California professor, L.A. who first wrote the video David Lacey, who held the gun, claimed he had to face the crimes, and said his actions against unarmed protesters were too aggressive to accuse of fear.

“I think if you’re afraid to stay in the house and call the police because you’re afraid,” Abdullah said. told the Los Angeles Times. “They weren’t afraid. They were excited.”

The incident unfolded in the morning hours of March 2, more than two months before George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, to spark a nationwide Black Lives Matter movement that demands more responsibility from the police.

That morning, Abdullah joined about 30 protesters who had gathered at Lacey’s house to demand a meeting, a professor at The Listicle Feed once said. She said the attorney general has repeatedly refused to discuss the group’s concerns about its treatment of police violence against people of color.

After the video of Abdullah’s betrayal went viral, Lacey held an emotional press conference to apologize – but also insisted that her family fall victim to a ruthless campaign and become a serious threat.

“His response was in fear, and now that he understands what happened, he wanted me to tell the protesters … that he was sorry, that he was very sorry,” Lacey said at the time, noting that she was being watched and “received threats”.

Police confirmed to the Times that Lacey received several threats, however said one was serious enough send to an external agency that has determined that the suspect does not intend to commit violence.

The day after the incident, Lacey very quickly missed the victory over the Democrats, gaining 48.65 percent of the vote. Her main rival, former San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon, received 28 percent.

But as she failed to score 50 percent, the couple will face November – and after Floyd’s death, Lacey’s challenge has grown much more.

Gascon took advantage of the demands of the Black Lives Matter to promise profound changes in police accountability, and received approval from senior figures including Senator Bernie Sander (I-Vt.) And Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA).

Democratic representatives Adam B. Schiff and Ted Leemeanwhile recently approved approvals for Lacey, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Gorchetti suggested that “there may be” time for a new chief prosecutor, This was reported by the Times.

Protests against Lacey also increased in size this summer thousands are walking near her office and home.

By Tim Elfrink

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