Liam Neeson was an absolute hit when he was younger

Liam Neeson was an absolute hit when he was younger
Liam Neeson was definitely a ladies man when he was younger - and not just on the screen (as in Rob Roy's steamy shot above). His story of hitting women on the A list is quite long and contains some surprising additions. According to the Daily Mail Find the Star Romance with Julia Roberts (his satisfaction co-star); Model and actress, Brooke Shields; and supermodel, Janice Dickinson. Go figure, right?
One of his first Tinseltown loves? None other than Hollywood legend Helen Mirren. "She was so sexy," Neeson told The New York Times in 1994 after meeting her on the set of her 1981 film, Excalibur. "I thought my goodness this is Helen Mirren! Up close she was as beautiful as on stage. Just so human. I was in love with this extraordinary person. "

To be fair, Mirren was absolutely fantastic. It turned out that the starlet also had a positive impact on Neeson's life and helped the Irish actor take the plunge and move to London, where he lived in her apartment. As Mirren explained, it was difficult for Neeson to struggle with an already established industrial icon. “He handled it with great elegance and grace. We loved each other. It was difficult to let go. "

Eventually Neeson settled down with someone who became the love of his life: the actress Natasha Richardson, whom he married in 1994. The tragedy was heartbreaking in 2009 when Richardson died of head injuries from skiing.



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