Keith Urban’s lyrics that embarrassed Nicole Kidman

Keith Urban’s lyrics that embarrassed Nicole Kidman

For those who don’t know the back catalog of country singer Keith Urban, the lyrics can be found in the superstar star “Gemini” from his 2018 album. Graffiti u. While the whole song seems to refer to his wife, actress Nicole Kidman, and to the impression she made on Urban, there are selected parts that are definitely intimate. “He’s crazy in bed / But Braniac in her head.”for example, the whole song is repeated. But that is not all.

In an interview with Kyle and Jackie O Show, Kidman revealed how she really felt about the suggestive lyrics. She said that even though she did not jump off the walls after revealing the intimate details of their relationship, she did not take it too seriously. “I don’t censor his art if I can be a muse for him,” Kidman said, remarking, “It’s better than saying, ‘God, I’m bored. Try it, Nicole! “

But Kidman thought the next line of the song was “unheard of” and was unwilling to give her two cents on how she was feeling. These lyrics, which come later in the song, suggest that Kidman “wakes up to make love in the middle of the night.” While Kidman may not have been too enthusiastic about the text, Urban hopes it can be accepted. “I think she liked it.” I hope so. Yes, it’s a good dance song, “said Urban Fun tonight. We think they will be fine!

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