Joca and Klaas live: Migrants report from Moria

Joca and Klaas live: Migrants report from Moria

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Joca and Klaas allowed the migrant from Moria to report in prime time

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Joca and Klaas live 15 minutes

Milad Abraham from Afghanistan described the conditions in the Moria refugee camp

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Again and again in the program “Joko & Klaas Live” Yoko Winterscheit and Klaas Hoyfer-Umlauf dedicate themselves to socially relevant topics. They have now used the earned airtime to pay attention to conditions at the EU’s external borders.

D.artists Yoko Winterscheid and Klaas Hoyfer-Umlauf used 15 minutes of main airtime on ProSieben to highlight conditions at the EU’s external borders. In the mini-documentary “A Short History of Moria” on Wednesday from 20:15 the migrant for a quarter of an hour described in English the unfavorable conditions under which he arrived in Europe on the Mediterranean, and the unfavorable conditions he faced. “My name is Milad Ebrahimi, I am 21 years old and I am from Afghanistan.”

In a video call, a young man who, according to Jock, had been in Moria since January, spoke of the catastrophic conditions at the Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, which has since been destroyed by fire.

The footage shows Greek police placing tear gas and many crying children. “Take care of this mess,” Milad said. Earlier, photos of a mini-boat, the engine of which was destroyed by the Greek Coast Guard, were shown. As Milad described, he and the other refugees on the boat had nothing to eat or drink for three days. The Coast Guard called for “Go back, go back” until they finally managed to land.

Deputies reacted with horror to the AfD statement about the “match” dedicated to Moria

An hour later, Hamburg citizenship discusses a fire in Moria. With the exception of the AfD, parliamentary groups are defending their readiness to accept refugees from Greece. When the AfD announced a “match visa new visa,” they responded clearly.

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Milad said in a calm tone that he considers Europe freedom, equality and human rights. To do this, he decided to flee to Europe. Now he wonders if this is a bad dream. The sea was a place without sanitation and medical care – about 3,000 people, but it lived at least four times more. The fire made the world finally look.

A week after a fire in a crowded refugee camp, about 11,000 migrants are still homeless in Lesbos, and about 1,000 are living in the new camp.

Greece wants to keep in place all about 12,000 residents of the burned camp and not take them to the mainland – government officials have stressed this several times. The prehistory is that otherwise migrants may deliberately start fires in other camps to force them to move on to Europe, especially to Germany. Athens also fears that even more migrants currently in Turkey will be encouraged to move to Europe – this should be prevented. Athens also points out that asylum applications from many migrants in Moria have either not yet been resolved or have been rejected.

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On Tuesday, the federal government decided to take in about 1,500 additional refugees from five Greek islands after the fire.

At the start of the show Jock and Klaas said seeing it all was on the verge of unbearable. They warned against watching the next few minutes with the kids. “The next film shows physical and emotional violence on Europe’s external borders,” he said.

Two entertainers Winterscheidt (41) and Hefer-Umlauf (36) repeatedly discuss socially relevant topics in their program “Joko & Klaas Live”. For example, they once drew attention to sexual assaults on women through the fictional exhibition “Men’s Worlds” or recently organized a kind of conspiracy quiz in the style of “call”.

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Why Athens is not interested in German offers of assistance to refugees

The show’s moderators on Tuesday had free airtime “Joko & Klaas v. ProSieben” earned in which they participate in several competitions against their employer. The show was recorded a month ago.

Immediately after the recording four weeks ago, they decided to dedicate the air to Moria. There they established many contacts. They wanted everyone to know what was happening at the EU’s external border.

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