Ingenious part for the smartwatch

Ingenious part for the smartwatch

Who doesn’t remember the Casio G-Shock? The watch series, particularly protected against vibrations, may have already passed its peak thanks to the numerous smartwatches, but the design now also benefits the Apple Watch thanks to an ingenious part.

Normal watches are almost obsolete in the face of Apple Watch and Co. aside from expensive collectibles. Casio will have felt it too. Nevertheless, the cult, for example around the well-known G-Shock, is likely to continue. The striking and almost brutal looking rugged watch has been around since 1983. If you like it, you will certainly be happy with the possibility of changing the Apple Watch into G-Shock.

Making Apple Watch a G-Shock: Smartwatch Bracelet Makes It

It is possible to do this with the so-called “amBand” – a combination of wristband and protective cover. If you put this part of the Apple Watch on, a relationship with the design of a Casio G-Shock cannot be denied. Available in various colors and sizes. In each case for sizes 42/44 mm and 38/40 mm, therefore suitable for all types of Apple Watch up to the current Apple Watch Series 6.

Image: amBand (Amazon)

Particularly smart: Unlike some protective cases, the Apple Watch base remains accessible, so it can still be used for the charging cable without any problem. The dial on the right is still missing for the perfect deception towards the G-Shock, but there are tips here and there.

The affordable Apple Watch SE is also compatible:

Prices and alternatives

Normally you pay around 17 euros for the correct part, but currently there are color variants for only 14.44 euros in the next few hours as part of Amazon’s flash deals. So don’t wait too long to buy. By the way, the “amBand” is not the only option for G-Shock enthusiasts, although it is the closest optically. From there we find other alternatives, for example “Spigen Rugged Armor Pro” (around 22 euros) or the “Supcase Armband” (around 22 euros).

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