In Dolly Parton և Jane’s Fonda Friendship

In Dolly Parton և Jane’s Fonda Friendship

Jane Ein Fonda has been an activist for over 50 years. He was arrested during the protests and held weekly air rallies. His friend Dolly Parton, meanwhile, has previously been criticized for not being “political enough.” But in recent years as some elements 9 out of 5 Fonda և Parton have become a major part of the social և political discourse են working together to promote the right.

“Dolly is a man of heart and mind,” Fonda said in an interview The New Yorker:“He is not a politician, but we need someone like him more. He is deep, he really has a big heart, he is really smart, he is deeply caring. “

Regarding the 2019 episode, Parton said the same warm words for Fonda Scene:“He has complained about something in his life,” he said of the actor-activist. “I would not go out on the street, but I kind of contribute in my own way. I’m having fun, I do it a little differently. Everyone has their own points to earn. I try to do it my way, they do it for themselves. «

Fonda discusses Parton’s contributions to the world for the 2020 documentary Biography. Dolly“Through his songs he opens his arms wide, hugs a large group of people who do not always feel that they have been seen,” he said with tears in his eyes, “that’s why people love him.”


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