How much money are you saving now

How much money are you saving now

Not only was there new material to be seen at Apple’s event in September, but a rumor of a “flat rate” from Apple was also confirmed. But what is now cheaper in the “bundle” and how much money can you save? GIGA takes the calculator and counts it.

Not only new models of Apple Watch and new iPads could be seen at the event in September, Apple also reported news in the service area. The rumor of “Apple One” – Apple’s new package deal – has come true. The popular subscription services of the iPhone maker are available in a cheaper package.

The package: save up to 8 euros per month with Apple One

The cheapest plan for a single user costs 14.95 euros per month. This includes subscriptions to Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, and the smallest iCloud storage plan over 50 GB. If you had to book everything individually, you would have to add 6 euros more per month. You can save even more in the family plan, which can be shared by up to 5 people and includes a 200GB iCloud storage plan. Apple charges $ 19.95 per month for this, or $ 8 per month compared to individual subscriptions for family versions.

Apple One at a glance:

The “round nature” of pricing suggests that Apple does not calculate with the currently further reduced VAT rate. For the period up to the end of the year, customers are likely to receive retroactive refunds, as was recently announced and has already been implemented. When Apple One kicks off in this country, Apple still leaves open, the vendor talks vaguely and generally about fall, a period that begins on paper on September 22 and ends on December 21.

You can also have fun with Apple Music, but rather unintentionally:

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Apple Music Meets Voice Assistants: Hey Siri, what is that “Blues Brings DIN”?

This bundle is not (yet) available in Germany

Please note: in Germany we unfortunately have to forgo the larger package of the package offer, as the “Premier” package is not available in this country. It also features Apple News + services and the all-new Apple Fitness +. The latter is practically a virtual fitness club with specially produced and integrated fitness videos for Apple devices. Both services are not available in this country, which is why this Apple One package is also not available in Germany. In the US, it costs $ 29.95 and includes 2TB of iCloud storage and a savings of $ 25. Apple has not yet clarified when or if the missing services will also start with us.

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