Here’s how much Tiger Woods is really worth

Here’s how much Tiger Woods is really worth

In 2018 Forbes Professional golfer Tiger Woods’ net worth stood at $ 800 million. That’s a lot of dough! But how did you get this number? Forbes cites more than two decades of professional golf under Woods’ belt as well as great advertising deals with leading companies such as Nike, TaylorMade, Bridgestone, Monster Energy, Hero MotoCorp, Kowa and GolfTV. In fact, it is reported that if he is a talented golfer, most of his income comes from advertising contracts.

In May 2020 Forbes reported that the athlete grossed $ 62.3 million in 2020, but said only $ 2.3 million actually came from his golf earnings. How did he collect the remaining $ 60 million? You guessed it – recommendations!

Woods would have raised $ 1.5 billion (yes, billions with a B.) in advertising contracts covering the life of his professional golfing career. Who knew ?! But make no mistake, this particular way of making money is not uncommon for legendary athletes. In fact, Michael Jordan and LeBron James have amassed most of his fortune in the same way reported Coupling points.

So there you go guys. Although Woods is a talented golfer himself, perhaps it is his brand that has become so bankable that he has a massive $ 800 million empire.


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